What happened: Monday Night RAW

In this week’s monday night RAW,we witnessed tremendus action,plot twsits and a lot of hype forthcoming this sunday’s RAW first PPV of this year,clash of champions.
after the usual pre show,we begin with Seth Rollins against Rusev a a punishment for their interferance in last week’s match that cost Reigns a chance to participate
in a triple threat against Owens and Rollins in the upcoming PPV. It was a descent match,kind of like a ping pong game,both of the competitors took turns man handling each other,
it would be either Rusev keeping Rollins down with move after move with his brute power,either Rollins would take over with a move ,and etc. but ended as a dissapointment as both men were counted out.
Next match was between Braun Strowman against Sinn Cara,and of course as expected ,the match was over in 5 minites,with Strowman manhandling Sin Cara and getting the victory.
Charlotte and Dayna Brooks faced Bayley and Sasha , and by using their dirty tactics as always,got the victory over Sasha and Bayley.
Bo Dallas faced yet another “local competitor”,in a waste of time and effort to feel the program,and of course he “won”.

In the best of seven series ,curently 3-2 Sheamus leading over Cesaro, Cesaro did it yet again ,pulling the Comeback in the series with another win,making it 3-3.

Chris Jericho introduced us to the list of Jericho ,telling the WWE Universe what he thinks about RAW’s GM Mick Foley,and got interupted so many times,by ezo and cashand others, leading to
a 10 man tag team match, between jericho,the shining stars,gallows and anderson against Zein ,the New day,enzo and cash,and after almost all bodies lying out of the ring, enzo got the victory for his team.

Next, Mick Foley introduced us to the newest members of the RAW roster,from the Cruiserwight division ,with a Fatal 4 way match,whose winner will face the new Cruiserwight champion T.J. Perkins for the Cruiserweight Championship,
and after a Cruiserwight Classic demonstration ,as well as an amazing match,Kendrick got the win.
and for the Main Event ,we got a steel cage match between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns,we saw Kevin Owens trying so many times with fair and unfair methods to get out of the cage and avoid Reigns ,and Reigns always stoping him from escaping,until Kevin Owens brought the fight to Reings,
and both superstars performed and delivered an excelent match,and roman reigns won by a few seconds escaping by hiting the floor right before owens escaped by the door.
After the match was over,Russev and Owens ganked up on Reigns ,locking him in the cage, and Rollins came to the resque,possibly a Shield Bromance Hype?

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