Hottest WWE divas

10) Becky Lynch


 The Irish Lass Kicker is a fan favorite. The WWE universe loves her attitude. She has been very good in the ring and very good on the mic. Let’s hope she wins the Women’s Title on Backlash!


9) Lana


Rusev’s wife. She has not done anything particular in ring, we only know her as Rusev’s wife. WWE should push her as heel.

She is a model, very attractive!

8) Maryse


Oh, isn’t the Miz lucly? Isn’t he the luckiest person in the world? His wife is so hot. Maryse is good on the mic and very good in the ring.

Oh Miz, lucky guy…

7) Paige


The pride of England. Her accent is so cute. Her face is so pretty. I think I am in love with her. How not to be?  She has been great in the ring and very good on the mic. Remember the promos she cut before signing the contract with Charlotte? Oh, good times…

6) Brie Bella


Brie mode! Yey! Oh hasn’t she been incredible in ring? Not only with her sister, but alone as well. Has she retired? That is the rumour. We do not know for sure, and she may return soon.

Daniel deserves her.

5)Eva Marie


She may not know how to wrestle, but she is very pretty. A very good heel already, she has been suspended for violating WWE Wellness Policy. Great start, Eva.



She is fabulous indeed. Carmella has been destroying Nikki Bella for a month. Great job Carmella, great job. She has been doing well without Enzo and Cass, hasn’t she?

3) Summer Rae


Summer deserves more screen time. She has been very entertaining in the past. Can’t she be back? WWE, please!

Anyway, yeah, she is very pretty, just look at ther!

2) Alexa Bliss


Just look at her face. Look at her body. Isn’t she an angel? A great performer, let’s hope she establishes herself as a great diva. She has a great future ahead of her.

1) Νikki Bella


This is my pick for the first place. Nikki has been great. Both in ring and on the mic. She was a champion for very long before losing to Charlotte. She has returned to SmackDown and has a chance on winning the title, becoming SD’s first woman champion. Cena, you lucky guy…

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