Backlash 2016 Results

At September 11 2016, in Richmond,Virginia,placed in the Richmond Coloseum ,the first PPV of WWE Smackdown live,despite some minor upsets ,was nicely delivered with surprising turn of events
as well as the crowning of new champions ,making WWE history,since it was the debut of the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship,and the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Following the PPV’s preshow,Backlash kicks off with a match between Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin,wich was an unexpected match,since it was just announced earlier in the PPV pre-show.
Both men put on a good show where the action stayed at a constant pace ,and both superstars came close to many near falls.For an unannounced match ,it was a pretty good outing with Baron Corbin winning the match.

Coming up next,was the Six-Pack challenge for the first ever WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship,in wich,Alexa Bliss,Becky Lynch,Carmella,Naomi,Natalya and Nikki Bella ,all faced of for the the new era of Women’s Division ultimate prize.
All six women did an amazing job demonstrating their skills and individual talent.Alexa was the first to be eliminated by Naomi,Natalya ended Naomi’s momentum with a Sarpshooter leading to a submission,Nikki Bella eliminated Natalya,and 2 seconds later got pined by Carmella,
and all came down to a clasic brawl,between the Irish lass kicker and Carmella,wich ended with Becky Lynch becoming the first ever WWE Smackdown Women’s champion after Becky got the disarmer wich made Carmella tap.
This was a treat of a match,with a lovely ending,making history at backlash for SmackDown live,crowning it’s first ever women’s champion.

Later on The Usos faced the Hype Bros ,in a match that would decide wich team would replace American Alpha,at the finals of the tournament,since American Alpha couldn’t compit,following the injury Gable sustained because of the USOS heel turn.
An average match in wich we saw Ryder and Mojo pulling off some decent moves but the Usos would cut them off in almost every occasion.
the match ended with the Usos gaining the victory and heading onto the finals,to face off against the newly formed team of the hottest free agent Heath Slater and Rhyno.

Coming up next,The Miz defended his intercontinental championship against Ziggler.Now after seeing these guys facing each other so mant times through the years,it wasnt something new,but it’s always watchable as well as enjoyable,especially tonight,since we saw Miz using some of his best moves,
and puting up a decent match,wich is something we hadn’t seen for a long time.
Though the match ended again with a cheap way out of trouble for The Miz,since Maryse got involed once again.

Earlier tonight ,Randy Orton got jumped by Bray Wyatt,leading to Randy Orton getting injured,and unable to compete later on.Via forfeit,Bray Wyatt got the win,but his Joy didn’t last long,since seconds later,he got in no holds bared match against Kane.
Both men did a pretty decent job against each other,a surprising appearance and an RKO out of nowhere! rendered Bray Wyatt useless,and Kane got the win finishing off Bray with a choke slam.

The next match was the second part of Smackdown Live’s History,since it was the final of the Tag Team titles,where we saw the newly turned heel Usos facing the team of rhyno and slater.
this match was indeed a match to go down in the history books,since it was the first time we have seen Slater so focused,and doing and incredible job against his opponents,he withstood all the double teaming of the Usos,and managed to cause enough damage for Rhyno to finish the job with a spear,leading to Slater
pinning Jimmy Uso,and making WWE History alongside Rhyno,since they became the first WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions,as well as earning his hard earned contract with SmackDown Live,finally.

Closing up the PPV,we have Dean Ambrose defending the WWE world championship against the place that runs this place,the Phenomenal AJ Styles.
Following the build up of this match through the previous weeks,both stars delivered what was promised,the whole match was as awsome as Style’s match with cena,with both men pushing each other to the limit,
punch after punch,big moves ,finishers,shot after shot!
in the end,Styles got the win,becoming the new WWE world champion,and establishing his legacy in WWE,though he earned a win with a low blow,witch was dissapointing following this amazing match.

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